18 May 2016

North American Speedrunner Assembly to start May 19

The "North American Speedrunner Assembly" will hold its first event starting May 19 and will last through May 23. It is:

A speedrun marathon with its primary goal being to promote speedrunning and fun. For the first marathon, it might be best if its done on a small scale (less than 50 people). 

It is located in Chicago, Illinois at the Hampton Inn & Suites Addison and will feature over 60 games.

Sunday will feature two Super Mario games:
  1. Super Mario 3D Land - any% category ran by gamestabled
  2. Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels - D-4 Warpless (Mario) category ran by RaikouRider 
The stream can be watched at Twitch and hitbox, and has a forum devoted exclusively to the cause on Speedrun.com.

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