18 May 2016

Xiah takes 70 star WR with 48:16.89

The 70 star WR for Super Mario 64 has again been lowered, this time by Xiah with a time of 48:16.89.

Puncayshun has since tweeted out his congratulations, noting that there has not been another WR holder since he bopped Siglemic's 49:09 back in 2014. Thus Puncayshun's 70 star reign was 723 days, from May 26, 2014 - May 18, 2016.

This month has been popular with the 70 star category speedrunners, with Biinny also getting his first 48:xx on May 14, and cheese05 setting a PB of 48:34 on the same day.

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