29 September 2016

[TAS] N64 Super Mario 64 "1 Key" in 4:21.67 (0 star)

This TAS implements the moat door skip and beats the previous TASVideos WR

25 September 2016

"Navigating The Toxic Maze" BLJ strat by Xiah RTA

Here is a non-TAS BLJ clip of getting the "Navigating The Toxic Maze" star in Super Mario 64. This is a TAS example for comparison, done off the side of a hill instead of the raising platform.

[WR] Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels any% 8-4 (Luigi) 8:11.70 by i_o_l

[WR] Super Mario 64 DS 80 Star 1:17:57 by HastyAether