29 December 2016

RTA in Japan Mario Review

The Mario games of the RTA in Japan event are done, and here is a list of what has happened:
  1. Super Mario Bros. Warpless (by 核 Kaku) - [Japanese stream] [English stream]
  2. SMB: The Lost Levels Warpless D-4 Race (by Zzz & LK) - [JP stream] [EN stream]
  3. Super Mario 64 16 star (by Xiah) - [JP stream] [EN stream]
  4. Yoshi's Island any% Warpless Race (by Zavi / べべーん) - [JP stream] [EN stream]
  5. SM Sunshine any% Hoverless Race (by Chan-Nabe & Yuki-Usagi) - [JP stream] [EN stream]
SpeedGaming has been providing an English-commentated stream.

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