08 January 2017

AGDQ 2017: Mario Games Schedule

January 8
Time Game Runners Category Run Estimate
Super Mario Kart KVD, Sami Cetin Time Trial Race 0:32:00
January 9
Mario Paint DoDeChehedron Gnat Attack Level 3 0:06:00
January 10
Super Mario Bros. darbian, Kosmicd12, andrewg Warpless 0:35:00
Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels darbian, Kosmicd12, andrewg Any% 8-4 0:12:00
Super Mario Sunshine Bounceyboy, Vallu, PangaeaPanga, AverageTrey Any% 01:25:00
January 12
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Almo, Sjorec Japanese Any% 03:30:00
January 14
Super Mario 3D Land Kosmicd12 Any% 01:05:00
Super Mario Galaxy 2 Vallu Any% 03:15:00
TASBot plays Super Mario Bros. 3 dwangoAC; by total and Ilari Any% 00:03:00

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