10 February 2017

About the Super Mario 64 History page

There is a discrepancy between the existing WR tables that are featured on the Super Mario 64 History page and the Google Docs spreadsheet. When the History page here was posted, it used the exact data from the spreadsheet but the spreadsheet had since been updated meanwhile the page here was not. In the process according to some YouTube comments on Summoning Salt's recent SM64 120 star WR progression video there may be the possibility that the page here was used as a source of information for the video made. Thus anything that may not align with the Google Docs document in the video could perhaps be traced back here.

To prevent any potential inaccurate information: 1) The History page will be de-linked from the left sidebar of the website (desktop view) and 2) The Google Docs sheet will be linked to on the Super Mario 64 page

In some time in the future the page will be fully updated and restored to the sidebar but until then it should be considered not fully accurate because it leaves out some runs.

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